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What is the AAMA



On the behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to welcome and thank you for Joining the Azerbaijan American Medical Association (AAMA). We just wanted to take a minute and give you an overview about the organization. The main purpose behind organizing the AAMA is to help Azerbaijani American physicians and members from across the world to coordinate in patient care, help in professional training, and enhance medical education. AAMA will carry out it's mission to serve as an organization that will unite Azeri and American physicians in US and across the world. Through online collaborations, conferences, and educational seminars; we want to become an organization that medical professionals can turn to in order to take their careers onto the next level. Our aim is to empower the young professionals in Azerbaijan through mentorship, networking, and education. We believe this will not only serve well for our members but also enhance the medical care of the patients

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